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The objective has been to "figure it out"! With thousands of choices in "gear", HOW does one get the sound quality that will make you "totally satisfied and happy forever"... without buying and selling and buying and selling and costing you an inordinate amount of time, money and frustration? I can share some of how I accomplished that. This venue, "Where to Listen", is an amazing asset to anyone in that position, or "predicament". This opportunity will likely save participants great financial pain and frustration by allowing for first-hand "audio experiences" in a no-pressure environment hosted by people who are really pleased with, and proud of, what they have accomplished in assembling a well-integrated system...and at a cost that has not wasted hard-earned funds, spinning one's wheels. The experience and knowledge that I can humbly offer you will be of interest to those wanting to "build" a system in the +- $15-60,000 range with some gear that I have for sale, or gear that you can purchase new directly from the manufacturers or on the used marketplace...if you know what you are looking for...which is precisely the point. I'm not an expert...but I have some experience. I know something about tubes, and I'm learning more from this hobby every day. Bring a favorite CD or 3 and have a leisurely listen, and hopefully, an enlightening conversation...and... Enjoy the Music! I look forward to meeting some great people! Be safe! Ken

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