Information about [Where To Listen™]


What is [Where To Listen]?      

[Where To Listen™] is a grass roots movement that has been created to revitalize the high end audio industry.

This is a place for audiophiles, music lovers, and audio industry members to fulfill and share their passion through shared listening sessions. 

For Audiophiles and music lovers: 

Think of this site as the AirBnB of Hi-Fi. Showcase and benefit from audio gear you already own and meet other enthusiasts  by sharing your 'ready-to-listen' audio system!  You might have already shared your spare bedroom, RV, backyard cabin, vehicles through various online platform such as AirBnB, Uber etc. [Where To Listen™] is for your Hi-Fi gear and your Hi-Fi passion!  

You not only share your own audio gear with others; you can also book to listen other member's gear! 

For Hi-Fi industry members: 

Storefront and home-based dealers, worldwide manufacturers, independent audio consultants can all participate on the [Where To Listen™] platform.  List your systems, your brands, your relevant skills here, and start to take listening session reservations! You will be  paid for the time, equipment and skills you devote in each demonstration, even without an immediate sale!  This is a new way to grow your revenue and develop future business growth. 

Maybe you can offer your listeners a period of time (for example 6-12 months) for audition fee rebate, thus increasing their loyalty and enthusiasm for your stores and  brands, and generate more up-selling opportunities. Direct-selling Hi-Fi brands can invite previous customers to share their own listening rooms and systems on this platform to earn extra $ for their hobby  - turn them into your loyal brand ambassadors, and reward them with future upgrade perks! 

[Where To Listen™] is a brand new concept in the industry as the ultimate answer to 'where to listen'. Think of it as a new eco system for a healthy Hi-Fi industry bringing consumers and industry together to share their common passion. It is designed as a win-win for all. 

[Where To Listen™] is totally free for members to sign up, but with an 'invitation code' from another verified member or from the site admin.  You can contact the website administrator  for an invitation code through the  [contact us] page

We obviously would like to make sure that all the site members are genuine audiophiles and music lovers alike, and form a trusting and self-governing listening community. 

Let’s work  together to keep the Hi-Fi hobby alive . Provide new options for consumers and professionals to share their passion and revitalize the high end audio industry, either by being a host, a listener, or BOTH.  

Read our How-To Guide HERE

Happy Listening. 


Your [Where To Listen™] crew

- from Alberta, Canada
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