HIGH-end tube amplification; high efficiency speakers, and more!

There are 3 all-tube amplifier choices to hear with truly amazing, high efficiency speakers and high end CD source. A well researched and well-matched system that will rival or exceed the sound quality of systems at double + the cost! Learn about and hear what truly excellent SET (single ended triode) amplification and the appropriate speakers can sound like - you will probably be amazed! A pleasant listening environment without children or pets. Social distancing precautions to be practiced! 2 persons maximum/visit.

Equipment Type:
Digital Source
Analog Source
Phono Amplifier
Power Amplifier
Integrated Amplifier
Tube Amplification
Solid State Amplification
Bookshelf Speakers
Floor Speakers
Signal Cables
Speakers Cables
Power Cables
Power Conditioning
Tonearm and Cartridge
Room Treatment
Vacuum Tubes
Head-Fi Equipment
Brand: PureAudio Project speakers; Coincident and Sophia Electric Tube amplification; ALLNIC Preamplifier; Opera Consonance CDP-DAC; Grant Fidelity Integrated KT88 Reference Tube Amplifier;
Model : PureAudio Projects Quintet 15 Horn 1 speakers; Sophia Electric 91-03 300B SET Integrated Amp; Grant Fidelity RITA 880S Integrated KT88 amp; ALLNIC L1500 Tube Preamplifier; Coincident Frankenstein MKII 300B SET Mono Block Power Amplifiers; Straight Wire Cables, Opera Consonance CDP 5.0 Droplet CD Player/DAC
Offer for Sale:
Yes, for sale.
No, audition only.
Member Role:
Audio Consultant
Hi-Fi Dealer
Brand Manufacturer
Listing created Apr 24, 2020

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